Welcome to TEAM Nepal
Welcome to TEAM Nepal
Namaste and Welcome to TEAM Nepal. टिम नपालमा तपाइँलाई स्वागत छ। Read About Us Read More
Terse Secondary School TLCs
Terse Secondary School TLCs
Terse Secondary School will be build by Caritas Netherlands but they will not provide alternative classrooms during construction period. TEAM Nepal is renting additional land and helping to construct 18 more Temporary Classrooms. We're expecting your big hand.
Melamchi Valley Campus Rebuild
Melamchi Valley Campus Rebuild
TEAM Nepal with the help of Hands with Hands, Changing Lives Nepal and DRAIOCHT is going to build the eco friendly sustainable house at Melamchi Valley Campus, Gyalthum. Please Visit Hands with Hands Here and Please Visit Changing Lives Nepal Here


Mission and Vision
Reg. Details and Objectives
TEAM Nepal (Together Everyone Achieves More) is a Non Government, Non-political, Non Profit, Social Organization based in Talamarang – 7 of Sindhupalchock Nepal. We strive to help Nepalese people with the focus area of Child rights, Education, Environment and Health awareness. We believe that by improving these areas of Nepali, people living in rural areas will make a significant contribution for development and a prosperous Nepal in the future. The organization was originally founded by Nepalese social workers who then partnered with many International volunteers from all around the world including Ireland, Australia, France, USA and Japan. We have a lot of experience in improving rural communities and over the last five years, our work and efforts have lead to dramatic improvements and developments in the rural villages of Sindhupalchock, approximately seventy kilometers from Kathmandu. TEAM Nepal’s vision is to improve the well being of societies by working and helping each-other. Most importantly, we strive to bridge the gap between the local community and the outside world through cultural knowledge and exchange of volunteers. We believe that merely throwing money at a problem is not a long term solution, which just creates a culture of dependency. By incorporating agriculture into our projects, we hope to make each project self sustainable. We also believe that education is the most precious gift that we can offer. Education provides people with the tools they need to improve their own lives without always having to rely on others. It gives people a sense of dignity and pride, which no amount of materialistic goods can replace. When carrying out our work education always plays an important role and we endeavor to emphasize education as the key to the future while at the same time preserving Nepali social norms and values.


TEAM Nepal is an integrated community development group that aims to serve the community by providing the best level of expertise in development and work of public benefit, that range from quality education, school constructions, environmental awareness to protecting children’s rights. We aim to gradually improve our level of management and work through the knowledge that we gain from experience and research. We realize that we are developing our society with the active participation and assistance of volunteers and donors. We believe the efficient and wise use of funds is essential for the success of our organization and more importantly for the success of our projects. That is why we have constructed a separate TRANSPARENCY page, so that people can make sure that all funds donated are used in the best way possible.


TEAM Nepal believes “Together Everyone Achieves More”, our mission is to make equality in quality of education. A society where young children should not have to work instead of attending school due to family background reasons. It is our main aim to ensure our projects are sustainable once completed. TEAM Nepal is continuously working together with volunteers, donors and local communities to make these missions come true.


  • TEAM Nepal was officially registered as Non Profit Organization in District Administration Office, Sindhupalchowk on 18th August 2009 (2066-05-02 BS) with Registration Number 1057.
  • We are affiliated with Social Welfare Council on 4th Nov 2009 (2066-07-1 8BS) with the number 28558.
  • We are also registered in Internal Revenue (Tax) Office as Social Organization and Obtained Tax Exempted Certificate on 18th Nov 2009 (2066-08-03 BS) with PAN Number 303861373.
  • TEAM Nepal is also the Member of NGO Federation of Nepal (CR-SID-47) and lifetime members at different community schools.

    • Improvement of infrastructure of community schools.
    • Equality, quality and continuity in Education particularly in community schools to create a balance of qualified students.
    • Preservation of the Environment.
    • Ensure the rights of every Child.
    • Self-sustainability of the projects after completion.
    • Enrolling School Graduates participation in community/volunteer activities.
    • Organizing health and dental services camps for remote communities.

    TEAM Nepal Children's Fund
    Little Angel's Children Home Farm Development
    Computer Training to Teachers
    Web Designer 1%
    Computer to Community Schools
    Donation Collected 90%
    Terse Secondary School TLC
    Donation Collected 45%
    Melamchi Valley Campus Rebuild
    Donation Collected 55%

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    Sponsor a Child
    TEAM Nepal currently has 19 children and three staffs living in the Little Angel's Children Home.  A
    Sponsor a Children Donate us   Fees and Charges Code of Conduct Online A...
    Dear Friends, Namaste and greetings from Kathmandu! As you know, I have been personally inv...
    Our Programs
    TEAM Nepal has been working mainly in three different fields with varieties of projects on each of t...
    Terse Secondary School TLCs
    Terse Secondary School will be build by Caritas Netherlands but they will not provide alternative cl...


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    Volunteer’s Testmonials

    Eimear Doody () Leamlara, Ireland It was a great experience, Staff were very friendly, Talamarang is a great environment for a children's home. It would be great idea to provide information about bus stations, timings and routes etc for volunteers travelling by themselves. Lists of other useful mat...

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    January 4, 2017
    Jerry Benner from Vancouver, BC Canada with the help of some local staff has started preparing the clay and ground for green house construction. The ongoing N...
    First Bricks Production at Meamchi Valley Campus
    January 4, 2017
    TEAM Nepal with the help of Technicians from Abari has been able to produce first few bricks to construct the Melamchi Valley Campus Building and one of other ...
    Computers, TLCs and Cash Support by TEAM Nepal
    December 4, 2016
    TEAM Nepal has distributed 32 sets of computers, 8 Tents and construction materials, windows ad doors and cash assistance of Rs 568,000/- to 16 different school...
    Sweaters for Students
    November 20, 2016
    Its nearly two years after the earthquake in Nepal where majority of population are our of the house somewhere in tents or under a temporary shelter. Children a...

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    • Melamchi 2, Talamarang, Sindhupalchock, Bagmati
    • Phone: +977 016222265
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Website: http://teamnepal.org.np