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Month: March 2013

Batase Computer Project Successful

TEAM Nepal with the great assistance from Nancy, Bethaney, Stive and Deana has successfully completed the Computer Project for Batase Lower Secondary and few other Schools.   With the assistance of US$ 3800/-  (Actual Received at Bank US$3780/-), we have been able to provide 6 computers to three different schools, four leaser Printers (print, copy, scan) to […]

Children Home Update!

  Newly purchased goats (donated by Aisling Hunebery, Ireland) and bee hives in the children h ome premises. Goats  and chickens also donated by Aisling were added after the cow was sold this year. New Chicken Farm was constructed and chicken were added last month and they have been giving the good results.  There is regular source of […]