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Month: May 2015

Relief & rebuild after Earthquake 2015

TEAM Nepal has set up a target to help as relief and rebuild effort for the areas of Sindhupalchock. ¬†Please support for this cause to relief & rebuild five VDCs of Sindhupalchock. Food and Supplies distribution for victims of rural areas in amount of Rs 1,500,000/- Run and organize Health Clinics and Camps at different […]

Food supplies distributed !

Thangpaldhap, VDC is one of the hard hit area of Sindhupalchock by the 7.9 Magnitude earthquake on 25th April 2015. ¬†As soon as the road was cleared a day earlier, we took two trucks to deliver the food supplies in the area. Literally, there were no house standing, all of them was completely collapsed and […]