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TEAM Nepal Board

Neel Bahadur Shahi – President

President Neel Bahadur Shahi has been involved in Thanka business for nearly two decades. He has a great passion for improving the lives of other Nepalese people and is a veteran of social work in a variety of areas. His contributions to his Nepali society include helping those in poverty, sustainability development, education reform, and sponsoring health camps. For the pass four years, Neel has been dedicated to educational and environmental issues, starting from his own village, Talamarang. His successful experience has inspired him to establish TEAM Nepal as he believes that by working with a group of people instead of solely he will be able to achieve even higher goals.Email :, Cell : 977-9841278282

Balkrishna Deuja – Vice-President

Balkrishna deuja have been working and helping to the society in many ways for a long time.  He has been actively involved in varieties of social issues like environment protection, education and providing health access to the people of remote areas.

Somraj Shahi (Bikash) – Secretary
Bikash is a businessman and has a painting gallery in Thamel, he gives his extra time, days and nights to make the plans, programs and strategies for TEAM Nepal. He is a management graduate (MBS)  from Tribhuban University and was a student of a small community school named Shree Golmeshorui Primary School.  Then he was transferred to three different schools before his SLC.. He believes it was due to his parents hardwork and determination that he became the businessman he is today and through them he learned to help those less fortunate.  As a child his parents always helped those that came to the village begging and learned that helping those who are in need is another form of worshipping the gods.  His educational qualifications and experiences has helped TEAM Nepal to grow faster and achieve the targeted goals easily.  He has worked full time in the developments of the projects since the foundation.  Handling the office, keeping the contacts with the donors,updating and maintaining website, financial control and documentation is solely done by Bikash so far.
Email :, Cell : 977-9841282296

Pramila Hamal – Treasure
Pramila Hamal is student as well as an experienced social worker in the field of children’s rights. She is a young and energetic member of TEAM Nepal.

Krishna Thapa – Member
Krishna Thapa has been involved in different projects carried out by UN and other international development partners. He is President of Partnership Nepal, another organization.

Jagat Basnet – Member

Jagat Basnet has been involved in social work with a variety of organizations. He has expertise and vast experience in the field of Land Rights and helping ensure the landless people of Nepal receive these rights. Moreover, he has achieved success in a variety of projects which provide land to homeless people.

Ya Kumari Shahi – Member
House Wife and actively involved in giving advise and ideas on our various projects


Melanie Hennessy – Ireland
Melanie is a medical student from Galway in Ireland. She began volunteering in Nepal in 2007. She was involved in establishing a children’s home in Nepaltar in Kathmandu and founded the Irish organisation Draiocht, which is involved in sending volunteers to Nepal and promoting Nepali culture in Ireland.
” TEAM Nepal is a wonderful organisation. It not only does amazing work to improve the lives of many people in Nepal but it does so in such a unique and clever way. By striving to make each of the projects that it is involved with self sustainable it ensures that Nepali people work to create a better future for themselves, instead of relying on handouts and constant donations. I would advise anyone to volunteer with TEAM Nepal because this organisation is what volunteering should be about instead of being an organisation which sees volunteering as a business,”

Deana Zabaldo- USA
Deana Zabaldo has hands-on experience in the Himalayas and a passion for its culture and peoples. First as a Peace Corps Volunteer and now as an expert trekking guide, she has been a catalyst for change in Nepal for 10 years through fundraising, volunteering, and sustainable development. Her experience also includes conducting education and training for Lucent Technologies, directing cross-cultural programs for Intrax Cultural Exchange, and teaching university psychology. She holds a Master’s in Behavioral Psychology and is a certified Wilderness First Responder and Yoga Instructor. Deana calls San Francisco, California home but also spends 4-5 months each year in the Himalayas, guiding treks and advising projects. She has an abiding dedication to make a positive impact in the world through transformative travel and sustainable development.

Peggy Roger- France
Roger Peggy is a singing artists from France, more then that she is a all time social worker as well as first donor to Terse School of Sindhupalchowk. She has been involved in helping children of community school since her first visit in Nepal. She has been frequently visiting in Nepal since 2002 and most of her services are related to the the child service and development. She has also been involved in child care in France as part timer. And now most importantly, she is the active partner as Executive Advisor of TEAM Nepal.
Email :

Takai – Japan
Atsushi Takai is an Associate of Arts and Science,Temple Uni, Aug 1994 and majored in statistics, Sep 2004. He also has a good knowledge of English and has experience of social work in Nepal. For many years he has been coming to Nepal and working in a variety of projects, including providing help and support to mountain guides who often have to endure difficult conditions. This problem is often forgotten about.