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Dear Friends,

Namaste and greetings from Kathmandu! As you know, I have been personally involved many years building community schools and last three years promoting education, health awareness, and a home for orphan children through TEAM Nepal. Our children’s home is situated in Talamarang-7, a village of Sindhupalchock and provides shelter, food, education, and most importantly Love for 13 children. We want to sustain their smiles and create a family environment for these children by constructing our own permanent home on land we purchased last year.  

Our entire TEAM of members and staff in Nepal are dedicated to accomplish the objectives of our projects honestly, and we now feel that the time has come for us to seek your valuable assistance and solidarity to accomplish our most ambitious project.

We are renting an old house from last three years to run our children’s home. This is not a sustainable idea and children cannot feel the ownership in this home.  Also, we don’t want to spend on infrastructure or investment on rented land because it will be lost when we move from there.  We needed to solve those problems, so we bought some land last year to construct our own home.  Having land, we can make a family home and long term investments. Already we have planted fruit trees for the future. 

In order to provide a better future to our children, we must give them stable and positive family environment. In Nepal, there is so little health and education services for children who are without families. We want our children to feel a warm and supportive environment where they can freely develop themselves and learn from day to day practice.

Your early contribution will give our efforts a tremendous boost and facilitate timely completion of the home. Apart from our regular annual budget, our goal is to raise USD $101,120 (EUR 77,045) in 2012 for the new home. This will cover the construction work, clean drinking water supply, biogas and solar panel installation, animal house, and fencing around the compound. We have already raised USD $6,755 (EUR 5,145) and now I ask for your support in this great challenging opportunity. You can make big difference in life of children in Nepal through your contribution. 

Home is safest place anyone can ever feel, and this is what we want to give for children. Your donation is not only giving out but actually a great investment in meaningful purpose. Please expand your helping hands to create smiles on the children’s faces and support us this year.

Currently, donations can be made through Bank Transfer ( or through our working partners Changing Lives Nepal (USA, tax-deductible), The Earth Garden Foundation (Australia) and Draiocht Ireland (Melanie Hennessy). If you would like to donate by check or credit card through these partners, please contact us for additional information.

Thank you so much for your hands full of smiles and support.


TEAM Nepal

Please choose one of these payment alternatives to proceed your donations. Bank Transfer (Bank Account Information)  |    Online Payment (Online Form)

If you are in USA,  you can also donate through our working partner Changing Lives Nepal (FJC).  Please don’t forget to mention your donation is gift to TEAM Nepal. The FJC is a Tax deductible charity. Tax Id : 501c3.

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If you wish to donate from Australia, please contact The Earth Garden Foundation and mention as receiver address from your paypal account using same address to leave a short note for us.

Donate Now

If you are in Europe please contact DRAOCHT (Melanie Hennessy) at

When spending any penny, we always keep in mind that we are using your donation/assistance to develop our society.

TEAM Nepal welcomes of course all forms of cooperation and assistance in our endeavor for a peaceful and poverty free Nepal. Please do  not feel like you are giving a hand out, with TEAM Nepal we will work together with you, to ensure that the money that you invest with us is rather a Hand Up for the Nepali people.


Orphanage Home (Children Project) : We have been running an orphanage home since the year 2009.  The home is situated to the north-eastern village of Talamarang. Talamarang is located approximately 80KMs away from Kathmandu. Recently during the mid 2011, we have purchased a land for constructing own home for the children, so that we don’t need to rent houses anymore and children can feel more secure in own home.  We need a lot of funds to construct new homes, so we request anyone interested to donate on this field.

School Constructions (School Project) : This is the project we have been involved for about a decade. After successful completion of sample class room and environment improvement projects in eight schools, we want to continue this projects to other schools as well.  With some terms and conditions for maximum local participation we ensure that there is always good public partnership of public on each of the projects.   A community school is a big part of the community and locals should be willing to help out. We will not makes a complete donation to a school unless the local community are willing to help out.

Health and Awareness Camps (Health Project) :We have been continuing our dental and health awareness camps since last two years.  A majority of women and children are left out of any kinds of medications and health related awareness in many remote villages.  We are working to make them aware and conduct some medical camps since last two years.

Sponsor a Child : This sponsorship is specifically to cover the varieties of everyday costs to the children in the home. Some individual donors, who is willing to contribute some parts of assistance to any or few children are covered under this donation.  Please view this details for Sponsorship:

                        General Sponsorship : US$ 58 per month Living Sponsorship : US$ 36 per month

Please fill up the form or send us an email at: for further proceedings.