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TEAM Nepal Transparency

We are aware that it is really important and the rights of the people to have access to the information about the funding and running of the social projects.  This organization is operational with the help of many people (TEAM) working together, not just the board members and advisers, the donors, well wishers and every community stakeholders are equally important parts of our success.   Therefore we need everyone to make our projects a success at the same time believe that everyone should be completely informed about all of our activities.

We understand that our responsibility is to keep you up to date about how all donations are being used and what strategies and plans we are using to ensure the success of our projects and guarantee the best use of donated funds. Today, social work has to some extend become a business, which is just not acceptable at any cost. By making it clear to everyone who donated money and where all of it has gone, we want to keep best level of transparency. Also we believe that everyone has good ideas and the more brains we put together the greater chance of success at the end of the day. Transparency allows everyone to see our plans and visions for the future and enables anyone to input an idea or voice an opinion about a future plan. This is really important because we at TEAM Nepal do not have all the answers and maybe with one of our plans there is a future problem which we had not considered, but is obvious to others. By being able to deal with this in the very beginning, it ensures the problem never arises. Transparency decreases the risk of making a bad decision and ensures that all donated money is used in the best and most efficient way possible.


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