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Volunteer with Us

We warmly welcome both the Local and International Volunteers to get involved in our projects and programs.  The most popular feature of the program is to be a  fully customized volunteer and donation options.  We offer many options to cater for your desires in any scheduled course of time.  Whether it be volunteering in a Children’s Home, Community School, Local Community Hospitals or other Communities with your own idea, everyone is welcome.  We prioritize those who have a unique and different way of serving the community in addition to what we have already achieved in the field.  We welcome both the skilled and non/semi skilled volunteers to get involved in our projects.  For local volunteers, our target groups are those students who are in the gap period of SLC and/or +2 exams.   Please observe our fee structure, placement requirements, code of conduct and volunteer’s testimonials before applying for any volunteering positions.

Sponsor a Children

Alternatively, helping particular children or helping the Children’s Home as a whole by sponsorship projects are also available for all of our great donors.  We have two different kinds of sponsorship programs; one for complete education and an another for a complete sponsorship of a child, both of which covers the cost until the student has completed their school level studies.  This scholarship goes to those who are unable to study because of poor financial conditions of their parents.  We can not accommodate for all the children with problems in the community at the children home. Based on the priority, the most needy ones stay in children home where as those who have at least a single parents or a close relative to look after will stay with the family and we provide support for their education part.

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We have been running many different projects on the field for child rights, education and health.  This includes running a Children’s Home, providing Scholarships,  organizing Health (awareness) Camps and helping School Development in infrastructure as well as quality of education. All of these projects are based on donations and volunteer work of people from different countries. TEAM Nepal welcomes any course of material as well as financial help as donations to programs and projects.