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Fees and Charges

TEAM Nepal Fees and Charges

While we recognize the hard work all volunteers contribute to the community, we cannot condone using money that we have raised for our projects to cover the costs of volunteers. People who donate money do so in the belief that it goes to the projects and target beneficiaries. It is therefore unfair to use these funds the finance the cost of visiting guests and international volunteers. We do not wish to make money from our volunteers but we ask that each covers their own cost during the placement. We have therefore come up with the following fees, which would cover the food and accommodation and other cost of the average volunteer.

Fees Structure

Details Internship/Volunteer Visiting Guest Honorable Guest
Up to 3 Days   $50 No Fees
Up to 1 Week   $80  
Up to 2 weeks $100    
Coordination/Mgmt $40    
Weekly fees Thereafter $50    
Hotel Placement Kathmandu (Basic) Per Night $10/Night $10/Night $10/Night
Family Accommodation Kathmandu Per Night $5/Night   $5/Night
Private Transport to Talamarang Per Trip $125 $125 $125
Project Donation Appreciated Appreciated Appreciated

Please note:

What is not included in above package (fees)?