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TEAM Nepal Information


TEAM Nepal has designed a unique volunteering program for our potential volunteers from around the world which enables them to contribute to Nepali society through our projects. Volunteers can share their knowledge and skills to help the most vulnerable in Nepal. At the same time they can learn a lot about the unique culture, natural beauty and rich traditions of Nepal. Our projects are also a great opportunity to understand the hardship of daily life of Nepalese villagers.

Fields of Volunteering

Community School Volunteering :

TEAM Nepal work closely in partnership with ten local schools. We have been primarily involved in the construction and continuous support of  Talamarang primary, secondary and higher secondary school. We use the money earned from the rent of shop premises that we constructed in Talamarang village to help finance the salary of local teachers, in conjunction with government support. Problems began to arise within Talamarang secondary school as the standard of education between children who had previously attended Talamarang primary school was much greater than children who had attended primary school in the surrounding villages. This compelled us to get involved with the surrounding areas to create an equal standard of education for all.

Volunteers who wish to work in our community school program can choose to work in any of our ten schools. English education is the primary subject taught by our volunteers. However many volunteers have been involved in teaching a variety of subjects including maths, science and general knowledge. We also strive to provide a good example to local teachers on different methods of educating children. Volunteers generally find placement within Talamarang school easier due to a higher level of English. However friendly staff, small classes and the opportunity to make a big difference to a very rural and disadvantaged community often make the more rural schools a rewarding choice. Note that many of the rural primary schools are located up in the mountains and are unreachable by bike/bus. A basic level of fitness for such projects is required. All volunteers are either placed with the children’s home or with a family homestay during their community school placement. We recommend a minimum of one month continuous  service for volunteers as erratic teaching is rarely beneficial

Children’s Home Volunteering:

In 2009 we founded the Little Angel’s Children Home to house vulnerable children who for one reason or another have no family to take of care them. There are currently nineteen children within the home ranging from eight to fifteen years. Some of the children are orphans while others have living parents but due to circumstances such as violence and remarriage they do not have a safe home to go to. TEAM Nepal strives to keep children with their families and only accept children who have no other option. The children’s home is located on a farm and we strive to be as self sustainable as possible. Volunteers who choose to work in the children’s home will help the permanent staff in providing teaching, love and care to the children. Activities include 1. Helping staff preparing meals and housework 2. Playing with children 3. Helping children with homework. 4.Helping on the farm. Many of the children come from very difficult backgrounds and we therefore maintain strict rules around proper etiquette  and alcohol consumption while at the home. The majority of the children are from the locality and we maintain close ties with the relatives of the children, we therefore do not permit adoption of any of our children.


Volunteering in Hospital/Health Camps

We always welcome volunteers with a medical background to join our medical placement. Volunteers work at Melamchi Hospital, a government hospital, located approximately twenty minutes by bus from the children’s home. We also assist in arranging a variety of health camps in the surrounding mountain villages. Any volunteer who wishes to organize their own health camp should hold a full medical license within their own country and should only operate within their scope of practice. A permit is required by the government for all licensed doctors to practice within Nepal. We can assist any volunteer in obtaining this permit, however we do request that the government laws are followed.  We always welcome medical students and others who have interest in assisting local doctors in our camps and the hospital.


Customized Volunteering:

We recognize that splitting the volunteer placements into particular categories is very arbatory and realistically not the way Nepali Life works on a day to day basis. The majority of our volunteers often get involved with more than one area. Each volunteer has their own skills and experience to bring to the community and we encourage our volunteers to use these skills. We encourage each volunteer to get involved in designing their placement so that they can bring the most to the experience. This has lead to volunteers organizing dental camps, yoga classes and construction work during their time with us


As our projects are based in rural villages, there is no an easy access to the roads, electricity and communication.  We advise that all our volunteers notify family and loved ones about the limited communication available before they begin. We are based in various regions around sindupalchowk including  Talamarang, Palchock, Dubachour, Thangpaldhap, Mahankal, Urleni. It takes a  minimum 4-5 hours bus drive with a maximum of 2 hrs walking distance involved.