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TEAM Nepal Children's Home Update,Newsletters Little Angel’s Children Home Nursery and Vegetable

Little Angel’s Children Home Nursery and Vegetable

Nepal Children Home
Jerry Benner from Vancouver, BC Canada with the help of some local staff has started preparing the clay and ground for green house construction. The ongoing Nursery setup at Little Angel’s Children Home is supposed to be producing over 10,000 useful tree plants, grass trees, fruits and other costly trees. The greenhouse nursery construction project is supported by Canadian Forest Without Borders and expected to continue for few years to come.

At the mean time the vegetable and gardening of the Children’s Home is being improved and expected to produce a lot of garlic, onions, spinach and other fruits which would be also possible to sale in local market. We appreciate your visit and suggestions for these projects.

TEAM Nepal

TEAM Nepal Little Angel’s Children Home at Talamarang.

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