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TEAM Nepal Our Programs

TEAM Nepal has been working mainly in three different fields with varieties of projects on each of them.

Child Protection : (17 Children currently staying in the children home)

Protecting and rescuing those children at risk, involved in labor, living on streets as well as other areas where they have been facing mental and physical torture is our main aim.  We protect those children and provide them basis life skills with the quality education. Read More…

School Development :

Our school development program includes construction of school buildings, provision of drinking water, sanitation, toilet construction, renovation works, classroom management and providing educational and technical materials like computers, printers and so on.  Our main aim with this program is to make every community schools able to offer quality education in a good school environment in the continuous manner.    Read more…

Scholarship :

Based on the problems, children who come to our contact are divided into two categories.  One of them live and continue their studies in Children’s Home where as the others get assistance for their educational expenses.  There are 34 students from 10 community schools who are receiving complete educational scholarships in materials. Read More…

Health Awareness :

TEAM Nepal organizes occasional health camp in remote areas of the country partnering with different hospitals.  Apart from that we also organize  awareness camps every year with the help of medical students from Ireland and other parts of world.  Even though the children and the students are the main focus, we have been providing services to their parents as well.  The awareness includes dental care, basic health care, tooth paste and brush distribution and so on.  Read More…