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TEAM Nepal Newsletters TEAM Nepal’s Activity Update !

TEAM Nepal’s Activity Update !

TEAM Nepal’s relief and rebuild Support after devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015.

We also would like to thank everyone involved in support program in international level, who believed us and helped us financially from aboard and all those non Nepalese who soulfully united with us in our tragic situation giving their time and energy. Special Thanks for above programs to Melanie Hennessy, Kira Kay, Deana Zabaldo, Nancy Porten, Marvin Linda Scherl, Suraj Shahi, Consious Connections, Aisling Neary, Draiocht, CLN, Hands with Hands, H.A.N.D.S Nepal, Monika Napieraj and so many other helping hands associated with below mentioned projcts and programs.


Medical Camp and Clinic Started at Talamarang– Over 500+1600 (2100) population benefited. (Continue)

  • Health Camp organized at Jageshori School.
  • Treatment of people wounded in the earthquake.
  • Provided free treatment of fever, common cold, diarrhea and other transformable disease after earthquake.
  • Distributed and cleaned the area with 20 sacks of lime powder and phenyl.
  • Regular free treatment and medicine distribution by local and international doctors. Melanie Hennessy, Ireland is regularly working for such work even before the earthquake.


Thangpaldhap Relief Support (Ward No 5 to 9)– 646 Family House Benefited (Completed)

  • 6000 kgs of rice.
  • 250 Kgs of Salt
  • 250 Kgs of Pulse (Daal)


Bhotenamlang Relief Support (Ward No 1 to 5) – 666 Family House Benefited (Completed)

  • 7500 Kgs of Rice
  • 480 Kgs of Pulse
  • 500 Kgs of Salt


Urleni, Ward No 3, Mahankal, Relief Support – 111 Family House Benefited (Completed)

  • 3330 Kgs of Rice
  • 111 Kgs of Pulse
  • 111 Kgs of Salt
  • 111 Ltrs of Cooking Oil
  • 14 Mattress to those losing their family.


 Talamarang Solar Project – 69 Dalit Household Benefited with one light each. (Completed)

  • Solar light was installed to all 69 houses of all Dalits in Talamarang Village.
  • One each of Solar Panels were given to Nepal Army office and Melamchi Ghyang School.
  • One each was given to Ward no: 3 and 4 of Talamarang VDC.
  • Two solar panel was installed in the Little Angel’s Children Home.


Water Filter Project – 19 Water Filters (Completed)

  • 19 Water filter with the capacity of 5 liters/hour filtering capacity were given out to the people of Talamarang Village for safe drinking water. They will be placed in public places and people can drink from those taps.


Toilet Tent Programs – 840 Toilet Tent Distributed (Completed)

  • 840 Toilet Tents distributed in Talamarang, ward no: 1 to 9
  • 6 Tents for the University Volunteers.
  • 3 Tents to local volunteer’s group.
  • 3 Tents to Kolechour School
  • 6 Tents to Batase Hostel and School Needs.


Terse School Hostel Program – Expected 300 students to stay, currently 100 (Completed)

  • Provision of tents fitting the students in hostel. (Not arrived yet)
  • Initial provision for food to the students and teachers living in the shelter.
  • Provision of light, toilet, cooking accessories and drinking water.
  • Distribution of sports materials to the students of Hostel.
  • Help with some lime powder, medicines and sanitary supplies.

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DSC03586 DSC03583 DSC03565 DSC03561























Help to Kolechour School with Sports and School Goods. (Completed)

  • Help with Sports materials to the students of Kolechour School
  • Distribution of bags, paint colors, chart papers and other stationary supplies.
  • One set of computer with Midas EduKit software will be given on 17th of June amidst the program to inaugurate Terse School Hostel.


 Tin Roof Program – (Scheduled)

Dubachour Village: Over 1700 House Family benefitting (Semi Completed, some almost half of the sheets delivered, half remaining)

DSC03636 DSC03678 DSC03672 DSC03659 DSC03670 DSC03661 DSC03679


















Thangpaldhap Village: Over 1200 house family benefitting (June 24, 2015)

  • 2 to 8 pcs of Tin roof sizing 32x72se inch to the people of Dubachour and Thangpaldhap is being given out.
  • We will be providing 8000 pcs of tin sheets to Dubachour. 5600 sheets of tin and 150 toilet tents will be given out to Thangpaldhap VDC.
  • The prime purpose of the tin roof should be to construct the toilet.

School Re-Building Program  (Planned for second phase of work)

  • We will be carrying out this program after the coming monsoon. This program includes help to rebuild 15+ schools in 5 VDCs.
  • We aim to construct sustainable long term RCC buildings which would be safe from earthquake.
  • The program includes infrastructure and/or other kinds of support to the schools as needed.
  • Educational materials, computer and library will be our priority after a proper classrooms.

As of June 19, 2015

TEAM Nepal would like to Thank to Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Teachers, Students, Youths, Community Members, Political parties and their youths, reporters and everyone involved in helping our community in such a tragic disaster locally.  We appreciate your great example of humanity with respect.


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